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Fund Name A B C E F F5 FT I IB IT O T
Counsel All Equity Portfolio
Counsel All Equity Portfolio Class
Counsel Balanced Portfolio
Counsel Balanced Portfolio Class
Counsel Canadian Dividend
Counsel Canadian Dividend Class
Counsel Canadian Growth
Counsel Canadian Growth Class
Counsel Canadian Value
Counsel Canadian Value Class
Counsel Conservative Portfolio
Counsel Conservative Portfolio Class
Counsel Defensive Global Equity
Counsel Fixed Income
Counsel Global Dividend
Counsel Global Low Volatility
Counsel Global Real Estate
Counsel Global Small Cap
Counsel Global Trend Strategy
Counsel Growth Portfolio
Counsel Growth Portfolio Class
Counsel High Yield Fixed Income
Counsel Income Managed Portfolio
Counsel International Growth
Counsel International Value
Counsel Managed High Yield Portfolio
Counsel Managed Portfolio
Counsel Managed Yield Portfolio
Counsel Money Market
Counsel Regular Pay Portfolio
Counsel Retirement Accumulation Portfolio
Counsel Retirement Foundation Portfolio
Counsel Retirement Income Portfolio
Counsel Retirement Preservation Portfolio
Counsel Short Term Bond
Counsel U.S. Growth
Counsel U.S. Value
Counsel World Managed Portfolio