Paul Punzo
Deputy Chief Investment Officer
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As Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Paul is responsible for the portfolio construction, asset allocation, ongoing investment management and oversight of the Counsel Portfolio Services & IPC Private Wealth investment solutions and the selection and ongoing due diligence of our independent sub-advisors. As part of this process, he works with the Chief Investment Officer to lead the team in program asset allocation and selection and monitoring of every investment specialist on our roster.

Prior to joining Counsel, Paul had various roles across various bank-owned dealer managed asset programs.   Paul’s previous roles included Director of Portfolio Management, Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Strategist where he oversaw various managed asset programs and the due diligence process of its external portfolio managers as well as construction and design of portfolio solutions for high net worth clients.

Paul has over 20 years of experience in portfolio management and private client investment management and holds the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designation and Chartered Financial Analyst designation (CFA).  He has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Economics from York University.