Porfolio Management Process


Disciplined approach and objectivity in portfolio management

We follow a stringent process, from designing portfolios, to selecting and monitoring our investment specialists.


Because a well-crafted portfolio should be greater than the sum of its parts
Each portfolio is expertly crafted to ensure an optimal mix of asset classes, geographic allocation and investment styles so you can enjoy the benefit of a well-diversified portfolio.
But we don’t stop once a portfolio is crafted. The key is ensuring that each portfolio remains well optimized at all times. We achieve this through continuous research of investment opportunities across markets and regular portfolio rebalancing.


Staying Objective
We have no in-house money managers. Instead, our Portfolio Management Team will research the globe for investment specialists – using a stringent set of criteria – to select the best fit for each mandate.

At the heart of our process is the view that every investment specialist must continue to earn a place on our roster, year after year.  Once again, using a disciplined approach and defined monitoring criteria, we hold each investment specialist accountable to their mandate. 

Because we have the emotional discipline to stay true to our objective, we will replace an investment specialist when they are no longer right for a portfolio. This helps us ensure your portfolio gets the attention it deserves.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin


Regular Realignment
Just as your car needs an occasional tune-up to ensure optimal performance, your portfolios need the same type of care and attention.
At regular intervals, we rebalance each portfolio back to its target asset allocation weights to maintain the proper mix of asset, geographic and style diversification based on the objectives of the portfolio. By rebalancing, we take profits from assets that have outperformed to buy assets that may be the next to outperform. This helps reduce the risk of becoming over-exposed to any one asset class.


Keeping You Informed
Our reports tell you what you need to know about your top holdings and how the portfolios have performed over different time periods.
Your Progress Review
Your Advisor can tell you how you’re doing when it comes to your financial goals with a comprehensive report on your investment progress each quarter. Ask your Advisor about your quarterly Portfolio Review.
Then we do it all over.
Contact an Advisor and become a part of our process.