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May 04, 2020 -
Investors Already Benefitting from Early Moves

Brandon Geisler of Marsico, our U.S. Growth investment specialist discusses how the portfolio benefited from some early moves made at the outset of the pandemic. Brandon explains that we are currently in the second of three market phases following the initial selloff, and that some purchases of companies at historical lows are already rewarding investors.



00:06 – Brandon explains how the portfolio made some bold sell decisions early in the crisis, moving a significant portion of assets to cash, which provided the opportunity to deploy that capital into new positions at much lower valuations.

02:07 – Brandon describes the three dynamic phases of this current economic crisis and explains that they are positioning the portfolio to take best advantage of those different market environments.

03:27 – Brandon weighs in on the notion that this recovery is happening too fast and that there is more volatility to come.

06:22 – Brandon responds to concerns that we're going to experience an inflationary period following this crisis.

  1. – Brandon describes buy and sell activity during this downturn – he talks about businesses he believes represent a good opportunity and areas he’s been avoiding.
  2. – Brandon shares his thoughts on the Healthcare Sector now and in the future.