Rana Chauhan
Chief Investment Strategist
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As Chief Investment Strategist, Rana maintains a close relationship with all of Counsel’s investment specialists, which allows him to keep his finger on the pulse of the market and on global economic developments. A strong believer in the idea that the future is unknowable, Rana aims to go beyond the data to understand the 'why' behind economic and market events and how they can impact investments. He works with Advisors and their clients to rise above the market noise and keep their focus on disciplined investment strategies to achieve their goals. 

Rana provides research and development support to the Portfolio Management and Product Management teams. He regularly speaks at Counsel's due diligence events and hosts Counsel’s Market Monitor Audiocasts. Through these channels, he speaks to our investment specialists to address the questions that are on the minds of investors.

Rana was instrumental in the creation of Counsel Portfolio Services. He was previously a Canadian Equity Analyst with a Municipal Pension Fund, and an International Equity Analyst with a U.S. Bank. He has been involved in the investment industry since 1987. Rana is a member of Counsel’s Product and Investment Committees and a graduate of Medical Physics from the University of London in England. He completed his EMBA at the Ivey School of Business at Western University in 2016.