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April 30, 2020 -
Uncovering Value Opportunities

Brandon Harrell of TSW, our International Value investment specialist, highlights the regions and sectors where they’re finding value opportunities and areas they’re avoiding. Brandon explains that they are sticking to their value-oriented bottom-up investment process and are confident in the portfolio they’ve built.


00:43 – Brandon talks about attractive opportunities in Japan

01:20 – Outlook on Asia and Europe

02:07 – The portfolio is currently overweight Information Technology, but tech is not usually associated with value investing. Brandon explains where he’s finding value in the sector.

03:09 – As valuations have been coming down during this downturn, Brandon talks about positions he’s been adding to.

05:29 – Brandon shares his thoughts on the Energy Sector.

06:26 – Brandon explains that a key focus has been credit worthiness and solvency during this environment where a lot of businesses are operating far below their normal activity levels.

07:52 – Brandon discusses potential changes to the positioning of the portfolio during a recovery at some point in the future.