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Simplicity is freedom.
Let us help simplify your investment experience.
Important Information about Fund Mergers
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We are committed to working with your Advisor to help you invest successfully over your lifetime.

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We get it.
The investment choices you face are complex and often confusing. Identifying if a portfolio is right for you while avoiding ‘market noise’, or making decisions about investment styles, asset choices, market exposure, and investment specialists can be intimidating. Understanding these complexities are not for everyone, which is why we will help you navigate them.

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Demystifying Investment Management
Our team of analysts and portfolio managers take the time to actively evaluate market trends and assess risk and return opportunities before crafting a portfolio. After extensive research, we hand-pick investment specialists we trust to find the best ideas and target our clients’ goals. Through your Advisor, we help you understand what you’re getting, keep your experience simple, and give you the attention you deserve.
What we bring to the table

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More than
assets under management
Partnering with
Independent Investment Specialists
20 years
in the Industry
More than
800+ years
investment experience
"Whether your investment strategy is capital preservation, income or growth, we will work with your Advisor to choose a strategy that is right for you."
Sam Febbraro
President & CEO
*Combined experience of the investment management teams on our roster

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Part of a Global Family
We are connected to some of the largest and most prominent financial institutions in Canada.
Local Roots, Global Strength.
We leverage the strength and relationships of the companies within our family to identify new ideas and investment strategies to benefit investors.

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With proven success, we can take you where you want to go.