Retirement Portfolios

Introducing Counsel Retirement Portfolios – Retire Predictably


The Counsel Retirement Portfolios are designed to reduce the impact of market declines on the value of your investments, offer long-term growth potential, and aim for steady retirement income.

Counsel Retirement Portfolios are unique investment solutions, ideal for retired and pre-retirement investors who want an investment that seeks to minimize portfolio losses during periods of down markets.

Protection Strategies

The Global Low Volatility Strategy and the Defensive Global Equities strategy form the backbone of Counsel Retirement Preservation Portfolio, Counsel Retirement Foundation Portfolio, and Counsel Retirement Accumulation Portfolio.

Learn how these strategies provide downside protection.

Anthony MacGuinness, Head of Quant Strategies and Irish Life Investment Managers explains how the global low volatility strategy and the defensive global equity strategy - two key protection strategies - work in combination to protect and grow retirement savings in the Counsel Retirement Portfolios.

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